Ownership of Images

Contrary to popular belief, the copyright and ownership of images remains with their author, the photographer, who then licenses their use (like software or music) to the commissioning party. This is in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Therefore, Steve Hinds Inc., retains ownership and copyright of the images we create. Our clients are entitled to use the images in accordance with the terms agreed upon in the estimate and invoice.

A photograph's value is typically related to its intended use. The more the image will be used or seen, the greater its value. This is one of the reasons for the question, "What will these photographs be used for?" in our initial discussion. This ensures that you do not pay more than needed for the photographs.

The normal usage Steve Hinds Inc., allows for architectural clients includes sales packages, portfolio and display prints, marketing brochures or mailers, competition submissions, and company or property web sites. Licenses for use in advertising can be negotiated separately. Fees for potential future uses can be negotiated in advance.

Multiple parties may share the costs of commissioning photographs. Your company can save a significant amount of money by partnering with other firms that might also have uses for the photographs. However, sharing, selling, or transferring images in any form to any party that has not participated in commissioning the images is not allowed. Parties who wish to license images after the fact must negotiate separate agreements with Steve Hinds Inc.

Please contact us for additional details.