The Fine Art of Retouching

Rarely is a location or a property perfect. Power lines, concrete stains, dead landscaping and other elements are usually present, which can distract from the ideal portrayal of your property.

We give every image a basic clean-up, such as removing small marks from walls, leaves from lawns and objects from streets. But based on your requests, we can go much farther.

Given that retouching is time-consuming work, please note that it will be estimated separately, based on the time required.

Retouching Case Studies

Client: : Baylor Medical Center at McKinney
Location: McKinney, TX

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Our client's need was primarily for their property website splash page. Baylor hires us to produce one image per location, showing a dusk shot of the property at it's best angle. Different exposures of the exterior walls were combined to reduce harshness of the exterior lighting, an earlier sky was added for color and texture, along with a time exposure of the assistant's car lights. The accent lights on the wall located below the elevator were inoperable, so the lights on the elevator tower were cloned, flipped and pasted onto the wall. The windows from the lower two floors of the hospital were cloned into the upper two floors, as the interior finish out was not complete. Cords and lights that we placed to accentuate the existing lighting were removed from the final image.

Client: 1400 Hi Line
Location: Dallas, TX

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The client wanted to place a billboard near the location of their property that was under construction. The idea was to begin pre-leasing advertising by showing a tenant enjoying the view of downtown from their balcony. Downtown Dallas is a composite of four different images taken from the building, achieving the best look for all buildings. The skyline was compressed from side to side to fit the area allotted. The railing was a separate image shot at the property. The man was stripped in from a stock image the client had licensed. A "night" lighting look was simulated on the man and the foreground railing to match the overall look of the ad. A separate, lighter sky was stripped in to allow for headline and copy.

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This property is located in the Design District of Dallas. The median of the road next to the property carries multiple high voltage transmission lines. Although the idea was to show that the property is in an urban setting, we decided to remove the power lines for a cleaner look. Given that the lines cross many types of surfaces of the building, the removal of them requires more work than one might think.