Professional architectural photography is a prerequisite in today's world. The importance of photography in the architecture world is well established. Finding a professional architectural photographer, however, can be challenging. At Steve Hinds, Inc. we have been photographing architectural projects since 1985 and specializing in architectural photography since 1995. Our job is to make our clients happy. We do this by listening, communicating and producing the finest quality photography architectural services we possibly can. Give us a call with your next project.


Steve Hinds

Steve's been doing this for a long time. He's handled just about every problem that an architectural photographer can run into. He's happiest exercising his inner “MacGyver”, solving problems on location and figuring out how to defeat the bad guys with one athletic sock, two clothespins and a package of AAA batteries. Well, maybe not the bad guys, but he's great at figuring out how to make the best images of your property. Give him a call, see what he can do for you. View Steve's galleries.


Maureen Hinds

Maureen handles the accounting for the company. Who knew that an art major/English minor college graduate would be so good at numbers and details? She has put up with Steve ping-ponging his way around the country for a long time and now appreciates it when you keep him on the road. She exercises her right brain by meditating.



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